App Design: Help Your Students Change Their World

Debbie Forster

Apps for Good, an education movement in which students learn to build apps that better the world, has grown over 10,000% over the last year, and this mini-course will offer insight into how teachers have successfully integrated Apps for Good into their classrooms. In the program, students work in teams to identify real-world issues and how best to solve them through the design of mobile and Facebook applications. Through a STEMx lens, this mini-course will help teachers apply a student-driven, problem-solving learning approach that blends complex and integrated content knowledge with lean start-up and agile software development principles.

Registration Schedule
This mini-course is self-paced and can be started upon enrollment.

Instructor: Debbie Forster — Apps for Good

Prerequisites: Participants should be confident users of IT, with at least knowledge of/use of smartphone web or Facebook apps. Experience of programming is not required but participants should be willing to begin learning to use basic tools, such as App Inventor or html.

  • Crash-course in App Design.  Participants will learn the basic approach used in the industry to design apps, moving from idea generation, through to early prototyping.  Participants will take one idea through the process themselves.
  • Learning to use app build tools. P articipants will learn about a range of free wireframing and app build tools that can be used with students, with their relative pros and cons. They will also visit a range of sites to see the self-learning opportunities available to teach themselves and their students to use these tools. Participants will choose the wireframing and build tools which are best suited to their own and their students’ ability, test the installation on their school network and trial the tools themselves.
  • Learning to deliver Apps for Good. Participants will learn the range of approaches and basic methodology used to deliver this course to students.  They will learn to shift from “sages on the stage” to a “climbing coach” to support the students “from the ground.” Participants will also reflect on their own teaching repertoire.
  • Trying Apps for Good out with the students. Participants will look at a range of workshops, taster sessions, club and classroom approaches that other teachers have used to deliver Apps for Good.  They will then produce a plan for trialling one approach with their students to find a best-fit starting point.

About Apps for Good
Apps for Good is an acclaimed education movement where young people in schools learn to create apps that can change their world. Our aim to create a new global generation of problem-solvers and tech entrepreneurs — boys and girls — who create apps that change their world. Apps for Good has grown significantly and now has nearly 100 schools in the UK delivering courses to more than 5,000 students aged 11 to 18. CDI Apps for Good is supported by Dell Powering the Possible and works closely with technology entrepreneurs, designers, developers and tech industry partners, including BlackBerry, Nominet Trust, Thomson Reuters, Barclaycard, Omidyar Network, Nesta and Facebook.

About Debbie Forster
Debbie joined CDI Europe in March 2011 as head of partnerships, bringing 20 years of UK educational experience to the program. An ex-head-teacher, Debbie comes to CDI from e-skills UK where she was head of their education programs, working with schools, government and employers to help inspire more young people to consider a career in IT. Debbie has a passion for education and giving young people of every background the best life chances and she sees technology as key to achieving this. US born, 20 years in the UK has left Debbie with an accent that is foreign to all, but if you ask nicely, she might teach you how to “talk southern ya’ll.”