Put Your Course in the NMC Academy

Do you have a great idea for a mini-course or learning experience? We are growing our collections and interested in bringing fresh content to our global audience. If you are wanting to find out more information about putting your course in the NMC Academy, contact academy-info@nmc.org.  

Students from over 130 countries are enrolled in courses!

The NMC Academy is a global network of creative innovators from dozens of universities, colleges, schools, and organizations around the globe. After years of working with dozens of institutions as part of the HP Catalyst Initiative, the NMC  Academy is encouraging active online learning and engaging learning design among those most involved in it, teachers and faculty in some 45 countries. Over its initial year, the Academy emerged as a hands-on experience for thousands of educators, a place where new ideas are tested easily and quickly, where learners are teachers and vice versa. A wide array of mini-courses or learning experiences have been developed, serving thousands of teachers and students, and each a completely unique experiment in online learning.